Independent family hardware businesses ignored

Independent family hardware businesses ignored

The State Government recently allowed Bunning to open from 6:00am on Sunday, a decision that will affect many independent hardware businesses.

Hardware Australia is bitterly disappointed in the Queensland Labor Governments’ proposed changes to Queensland Trading Hours that will allow Bunnings to open from 6:00 am on Sundays.

“Unfortunately the voices of the 1000 smaller independent family businesses in the Queensland Hardware industry have been ignored by the Queensland Labor Government”  says Hardware Australia Executive Officer Scott Wiseman.

“The changes to trading hours will force many small hardware operators to open these additional hours in order to remain competitive against Bunnings. Our industry studies highlight that the Queensland Government’s decision will increase costs and could cost jobs rather than create them.”

As Queensland’s small family hardware businesses continue to struggle against the big corporate monopoly of Bunnings, this decision is another instance of big business getting its own way over the top of the little guy” says Scott Wiseman.

Hardware Australia calls on the Opposition and other political parties to show their support of family hardware operators and block this decision in Cabinet.