About Us

Hardware Australia

Protecting, Promoting and Supporting You, Your Business & Your Industry.

Hardware Australia is your specific hardware industry body and national voice, formed with the merging of the former State Hardware Industry Associations.

Hardware Australia is run by the Industry, for the benefit of the Industry, with committees comprised of hardware retailers and key industry suppliers who volunteer their time.

Hardware Australia is focused on providing benefit and value to you as a member through protecting, promoting and supporting you, your business and your industry.

We Protect: Through the lobbying and advocacy of local, state and federal governments across issues such as parking meters, zonings, developments, competition, wage increases, union activity and legislation which may adversely impact you, your business and your industry.

We Promote: Our campaigns and initiatives such as Support Your Local Hardware and Hardware As A Career are focused on promoting hardware businesses and the industry.  The hosting of a wide array of industry events serves to raise the profile of the industry and the operators within.

We Support: Through the range of services available to assist members in the running and efficiencies of their businesses. Services such as preferred suppliers of insurance, fuel, superannuation, banking services as well as specialised training programs together with handbooks. We also keep you up to date through the industry publication The Link included in your membership.