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Hardware as a Career

This qualification has been designed and developed to specifically meet the needs of the hardware industry and staff.

The qualification provides participants with key skills and knowledge that allows them to engage with customers, provide in-depth product and service offerings,  sell to customers, organise and maintain work areas and displays, and carry out specific work responsibilities to required organisational expectations and safety. Individuals will have a good foundation of product and service knowledge that will enable them to interact effectively with customers and facilitate sales and service.

Career Opportunities

Profile of the industry


This is an industry-wide campaign aimed at increasing the awareness and knowledge of school students, workers and the general public about the wide variety of career options, roles and paths available in a hardware store.

Hardware stores sell to households, businesses, tradespeople and builders.  The industry is made up of a wide variety of stores and suppliers.


Retail products include building materials, hand and power tools, paints, plumbing supplies, fixtures, garden supplies, plants, lawnmowers, household wares, appliances and full kitchens through to nuts and bolts.  Your average hardware store will contain hundreds of different products.

The hardware industry encompasses a wide range of businesses of all shapes and sizes and across metropolitan, regional and remote areas. The industry also includes a wide array of suppliers who are local, national or international companies.

  • Australians spend over $22Bn per annum on hardware, building supplies and garden products
  • There are 5900 hardware stores throughout Australia
  • More than 64,000 people are employed in the Industry

One of the somewhat unique aspects of the hardware industry is the array of career paths and roles within many hardware outlets.  Opportunities exist across all age groups and interests with the ability to apply the skills and knowledge learned into your everyday life.

Your local Hardware store is generally owned and operated by a person who lives locally and is passionate about your local community.

Your general hardware store is made up of various departments which are focused on the products sold in that department. Most commonly the main departments are Paint, Building Supplies, Garden and Outdoor, Tools and General Hardware ( being your nuts and bolts, nails, washers etc)

Types of Hardware Careers
How to get Started
  • Consider Hardware as a career option and there are many career pathways available.
  • Talk to your school careers adviser, parents and friends about the careers that you could do in the Hardware Industry.
  • Look at recruitment ads to see what skills are needed.
  • Register for job alerts in the Hardware Industry.
  • Your school careers adviser may know or help you find an employer who would like to employ you as a trainee.

For more information on a potential career in the hardware industry, please contact your School Industry Liaison Officer, Career Counsellor or your local hardware store operator.  

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