Lease Negotiations: a guide to help you get a better deal

With rental payments representing a significant overhead for tenants, as well as a source of income for landlords, understanding the intricacies for your business is challenging. Our partners, Business Australia have created resources to help provide information and advice on rent relief, lease negotiations and how to interpret the National Commercial Leasing Code of Conduct to help support businesses.

Whether you’re already eligible for rental relief under the COVID-19 Code of Conduct for Commercial Tenancies or you’re preparing for a possible downturn in sales, negotiating your lease can be a daunting exercise. This 10 step lease negotiation guide will help you to understand your eligibility and rights as a tenant under the COVID-19 Rental Relief code and how to recognise the commercial motivations of your landlord to negotiate a better deal for your business.

The 10 step guide covers:

  1. Understand your rights under the COVID-19 Code
  2. Understand your landlord’s commercial motivations
  3. Research your current market rent
  4. Look at the local area
  5. Understand your sustainable occupancy cost
  6. Reach out to your landlord to book a meeting
  7. Pick a suitable setting and think about your style
  8. The negotiation tactics
  9. Formalise the new lease or lease variation
  10. In dispute?

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