Meet George Demourtzidis

George Demourtzidis

George has been involved in the Hardware Australia committee since the beginning 6 years ago. Previous to that he was on the board of the Hardware Association of South Australia (HASA). Over the past 2 years he has held the position of Treasurer for Hardware Australia and is the current chairman of our South Australia Committee.

This month we sat down with George to find out more about his experience in the industry and where he sees the future of hardware.

What is your position within your business and what do you do?

Business Manager for Trio Australia – a fancy name given to a family business member that ends up being responsible for everything that goes wrong. That aside, I play an integral role in the macro planning and strategic direction of the business. I love numbers and the ‘facts’. Lastly and most importantly I manage a small portfolio of key clients- which keeps me grounded and ‘in touch’ with customers, the market and the real world.

When and how did you enter the hardware industry?

I started in the business 21 years ago after completing my tertiary studies. I was welcomed with open arms into the family business after receiving my Corporate Finance degree! I thought I was destined to work in a big banking tower somewhere in London, Hong Kong or New York, however this was not my destiny. The hardware industry was calling and I guess I couldn’t resist!

What do you love about the hardware industry?

The people! First and foremost the people I work with. I love them all dearly and I thank them for the 8 to 10 hours a day I spend with them! Their passion drives me and their characters keep me entertained. Secondly, the people, the customers and the communities we serve! I feel very honoured and privileged to work for a 45 year old business that has such a great reputation in the hardware market.

Why did you join Hardware Australia and the committee?

To further entrench our family and business roots and knowledge in the Australian hardware market place. To be at the forefront of change and progress of our industry. To be able to collaborate with ‘like minded’ organisations and people that see a great and bright future for hardware.

What benefit do you think HA brings to its members?

It definitely needs to be its member services and its networking events. These services and events are second to none- and I encourage everyone who hasn’t attended one of the HA events to do so this year.

Where do you see the future of the industry?

Firstly, It would be remiss to think that our industry will not be affected by the digital revolution that is upon us. Whether it is in the products and services that we offer or the way we serve our customer base or communicate and transact with each other. Technology will enhance all of these aspects and we need to embrace the changes (not resist them). Secondly, I believe there is still further room for consolidation within our market place- both on the supplier base and the retail/ shop front end. Watch this space!

Any words of wisdom?

Enjoy the ride of 2021 and beyond!  With the year that has past, we have all been very resilient, patient and optimistic – just keep it going.


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