Meet Mike LoRicco

Through his experience of owning his own hardware store and now in a senior role for HBT, Mike, bringing a unique perspective to our industry and association.

He has held several key roles in our association and in the previously the Hardware Association of New South Wales. He is the current Chair of our New South Wales Committee and leads his services to cohost our NSW Awards each year.  

We found out more about Mike and why he continues to advocate for our industry.

What is your position within your business and what do you do?

General Manager Member Services for HBT.

When and how did you enter the hardware industry?

42 years ago

What do you love about the hardware industry?

You need to learn about so many different trades, meeting people and helping them solve their problems and projects. Now helping stores with their businesses.

Why did you join Hardware Australia and the committee?

From the beginning of the amalgamation or the combining of the states. Before that, I have been involved with the state bases since the late 80s

What benefit do you think HA brings to its members?

As HA grows HR, Training and knowledge on everyday issues of running a business

Where do you see the future of the industry?

There will always be independent hardware stores while there is a need to renovate and build.

Any words of wisdom?

Learn to network, listen and talk to someone that’s doing business better than you. Be ready to change your business to stay current. Take those blinkers off and have fun with it.


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