New series celebrating local family-run businesses


Built by Families

Mitre 10 has launched a new grassroots marketing campaign to celebrate the real stories and people behind its stores.

The ‘Built by Families’ series uses documentary-style videos to bring to life the legacy of local family-run businesses and the unique connection each has to its local community.

Karen Fahey, IHG’s General Manager of Marketing, said the series aims to invite consumers to understand what the Mitre 10 brand stands for.

“We are so proud to tell the stories of the local and incredibly generous families in our network. The people within our stores are the real brand champions and this is one way we can give them a voice.

“Built by Families aims to demonstrate how family-owned businesses engage and support their communities. It invites Australian consumers into the lives of these families stirring emotions and building relatability. There’s nothing superficial or contrived about the stories. Just genuine tales told by authentic people in communities across Australia”, said Ms Fahey.

The video series begins with three businesses – the Hitchins family in Moe VIC, the Hastings and Benton family in Diamond Creek VIC and, coming soon, the Johnson family in Mona Vale NSW. Brand ambassador, Scott Cam, provides an introduction for the series.

“Consumer trust and belief in our brand stems from generations of families delivering on a service and work ethic and fostering strong relationships with their customers – the very trademark of locally-owned, family-run business.  The generational knowledge and expertise contained within these families is priceless and cannot be replicated.  These three stories are saying it’s not just product on the shelf in our stores…it’s the people who work there, their values and the small things they do that make their communities better.

“The spirit of Mitre 10 lingers on in towns long after the lights go out and the store is shut. We encourage consumers to think differently about the people behind their local hardware store and listen to their stories. When you shop with locals you’ll not only have a more enriching experience, you’ll invest in the health of that community.

The campaign will be executed through multiple channels including a dedicated ‘Built by Families’ website, TV advertising spots during The Block and social media. Visit for more details.

Built by Families


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