Certificate IV Timber Frame & Truss Design FWP40416

Upskilling your existing estimators/detailers is an important part of developing an edge in
todays competitive environment. This program combines all of the fundamental aspects of
good estimating & detailing practices with the required legislation and core business
practices such as quality customer service, using structured problem-solving tools,
applying building codes and designing timber structures. A must have qualification for
today’s leading fabricators!


All courses offered by TABMA Training are delivered to meet student needs in a similar
format with either face to face tuition and/or mentoring support. Some programs have a class based training schedule to assist students with more comprehensive subjects and assessments.

Students are expected to attend all classes and successfully complete all tasks and activities during the course. There are also activities to be completed outside of the workshops. These activities are aimed at allowing the learners to apply the course content in their own workplace environment.


12 – 18 months in an actual workplace environment.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for this qualification is the successful achievement of the following units contained in FWP30916 Certificate III Timber Truss and Frame Design and Manufacture or demonstration of equivalent competence:

  • Prepare and interpret sketches and drawings FWPCOT3204
  • Take off material quantities FWPCOT3214 
  • Quote and interpret from manufactured timber product plans FWPCOT3218 
  • Quote and interpret from computerized timber manufactured product plans FWPCOT3220
  • Create drawings using computer aided design systems FWPCOT3239

Plus at least one of the following units:

  • Interpret designs to prepare timber roof truss drawings and documents using computers FWPTMM3204  
  • Interpret designs to prepare timber floors system drawings and documents using computers FWPTMM3205
  • Interpret designs to prepare timber wall frame drawings and documents using computers FWPTMM3206
Course Details

17 units must be completed – 3 core + 14 elective units:

Core Units:

  • Monitor safety, health and environment policies and procedures FWPCOR4201
  • Monitor quality and product care procedures FWPCOR4203
  • Develop teams and individuals BSBLED401

Elective Units:

  • Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices CPCSUS4001A
  • Design timber structures FWPCOT4202
  • Diagnose and calculate production costs FWPTMM4202
  • Prepare and advise on a board range of timber roof truss details using computers FWPTMM4205
  • Prepare and advise on a broad range of timber wall frame details using computers FWPTMM4207
  • Make a presentation BSBCMM401
  • Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry CPCCOHS2001A
  • Develop a workplace learning environment BSBLED501
  • Implement operational plan BSBMGT402
  • Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies BSBCUS401
  • Resolve business disputes CPCCBC4024A
  • Use structured problem solving tools MSAPMSUP390A
  • Review competitive systems and practices MSS403001A
  • Produce labour and material schedules for ordering CPCCBC4005A

Employment Pathways:

This qualification has one employment pathway for typical truss and frame manufacturing environments. This is designer (Timber truss and frame).

Educaton Pathways: 

The outcome of this qualification can satisfy the entry requirements into FWP50316
Diploma of Timber Truss and Frame Design.