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Chain of Responsibility

The principle behind the chain of responsibility concept is simple – any party who has control in the transport chain can be held responsible and can be liable for non-compliance.

If you consign, pack, load or receive goods as part of your business, you could be held legally liable for breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) even though you have no direct role in driving or operating a heavy vehicle. In addition, corporate entities, directors, partners and managers/supervisors are accountable for the actions of people under their control. This is the Chain of Responsibility (COR).

If your actions, inactions or demands cause or contribute to road safety breaches then you can be legally accountable. Authorities will investigate the supply chain and up and down the corporate chain of command. The days of ‘all care and no responsibility’ are over.

Changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws were introduced in mid-2018. These changes align CoR laws more closely with workplace health and safety laws and the provisions apply equally to employees and subcontractors.

The course aims to make sure everyone in the supply chain shares equal responsibility for ensuring breaches fo the HVNL do not occur. This ½ day workshop is designed to ensure that all relevant staff are aware of their responsibilities, particularly in relation to reporting any possible breaches of compliance.

What you will learn

Who are parties in the chain?

 What does reasonably practical mean?

 The concept of shared responsibility.

What needs to be done if a CoR issue is identified?

 What are the undertakings and penalties for failing to comply with the primary duties?

 What happens in a CoR investigation?

 How to manage safety risks within an overall safety management system.

 Specific issues—fatigue; speed and excess loads.

 Case studies

 Useful checklists for your workplace

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“This training is suited for all staff from yard operators through to site management and is highly recommended for businesses who need assistance in understanding the legal minefield within Chain of Responsibility in an uncomplicated way”.

Matt Partridge

QLD State Manager, ITI Australia