Short course

Essential Selling Skills

This 1-day workshop is aimed at staff who handle customers in their everyday work situation including customer service and salespeople who handle the telephone and/or deal with customers face to face.

This workshop will focus on techniques which will enable participants to:

  • Become proficient in servicing customers which will ultimately lead to increase sales revenue.
  • Know how to uncover customer needs, cross-sell other products, close sales, deal with objections and remain positive.
  • Become effective in communicating with existing or potential customers, particularly in determining their needs and wants. 

We will also do mystery calling on participant organisations to “test” sales and service knowledge.

What you will Learn

What is effective selling?

 The importance of understanding the customer needs. 

 Features and benefits

 Prospecting and pre-call planning. 

 Opening Statements.

Key communication skills including the importance of effective listening, questioning techniques, and the words to use


 Developing your sales message – why you and your business? What makes your business different? 

 Managing objections and closing the sale. 

 Diagnosing problems and maintaining a positive attitude. 

 The importance of managing expectations for improved relationships. 

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“TABMA Training delivered an uncomplicated, comprehensive and cost effective training module for key staff at ITI Queensland”.

Matt Partridge

QLD State Manager, ITI Australia