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Succession Planning: future proofing your business

When a key employee announces that they are leaving the organisation, effective immediately, it could be one of those nasty surprises that creates incredible turmoil. What matters most is how the business is prepared to respond to such occasions.

The foundation for coping successfully with staffing surprises is succession planning. 

Essentially, succession planning is a conscious decision by an organisation to foster and promote the continual development of employees, and ensure that key positions maintain some measure of stability, thus enabling an organisation to achieve its business goals and objectives on an ongoing basis.

When a sudden leadership or key position void is experienced, it makes no sense to start the development process. It is too late because proper development can take months or even years.

    What you will learn

    Losing key employees what impact could it have on your business?

    What is succession planning and why is it so important?

    How can succession planning be done effectively?

    Assessing key positions and their role in business operations.

    Conducting a risk assessment on key people.

    Internal vs external candidates – developing capability for the long-term.

    Identifying suitable staff members – have they got what it takes?

    The role of coaching and mentoring.

    Putting your overall plan together. 

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