WHS Safety Forum

Safety Management Systems

Safety Policies & Objectives – Risk Management – Safety Assurance – Safety Promotion

How do you manage safety in your business? Do you know what you need to do to meet the minimum requirements to be safety compliant?

A system should assist your business in understanding your hazards and risks and how to, eliminating or minimise them and ensuring engagement and participation from your employees.

In the next WHS Safety Forum, we will explore Safety Management Systems, addressing the following topics:

  • Safety policies and objectives,
  • Safety Risk management,
  • Safety assurance, and
  • Safety promotion.

This is an opportunity for you to hear from Dean (TABMA’s WHS Safety Officer), asked questions and if you already have a great system in place you can share these with other members to help us build a safer industry.

This is an interactive MEMBER ONLY event where attendees are encouraged to ask questions throughout the session and engage in conversation.


Online Via Zoom


Wednesday 21st April 2021


2:00pm – 3:00pm AEDT